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Personal category

Kunda uses a personal category, a good idea.

Not for kind of everything you edit, but as an artists sign. Lion used: pages I'm particulary proud of and listed them on his homepage in community-wiki. Using a caregory for that is more flexible. It's like a personal Filme, wo gut sind - s23-wiki-Seiten, wo gut sind.

Put no more than 6, 7 pages in your personal category, deleting one when adding a new. Like that the reader can scan the different members and get a picture about them. And we can too.

Users with a personal categories on the s-23-wiki:

Do we have a categoy about wiki, but not technical, rather socially, culturally. MattisManzel

Wikitec and Wikisoc could be subcategories of Wiki. mutante 09:54, 26 Mar 2005 (CET)

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