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    Nonviolent Communication

    What is it?[edit]

    At the Center for Non-Violent Communication you can learn to radically transform interactions with other humans.

    From the back cover of the book "Nonvioelent Communication - A Language of Life":

    Most of us have been educated from birth to compete, judge, demand, diagnose--to think and commmunicate in terms of what is right and what is wrong with people. At best, this habitual way we think and speak hinder communication, and create misunderstanding and frustration in others and in ourselves. And still worse, they cause anger and pain, and may lead to violence. Without wanting to, even people with the best of intentions generate needless conflict.

    In Nonviolent Communication:A Language of Life, Marshall Rosenberg shows us how to reach beneath the surface and discover what is alive and vital within us, and how all of our actions are based on human needs that we are seeking to meet. When we understand and acknowledge our needs we create a shared basis for a more satisfying relationship -- a deeper connection with others and outselves. Join the thousands of people world-wide, who have improved their relationships--and their lives with this simple, yet revolutionary process.

    This is not a new-agey thing, this is not a vapid and shallow attempt to create some utopia. This stuff is very practical. Its starts with the idea that behind what people are really saying is a need that have. You hone your skills in trying to 'hear' what that need is. This is a deeper explanation of the model that is used.


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