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Lobbyveranstaltung von Microsoft erhält Besuch von Pinguinen (from [trax] via IRC)

Hi there. Sorry for the long break,but: Now you can all add News to the page. Do you like it?

greetz mutante

I think its a realy good idea ;> talisman

Ok, its on the start page now.. Will fine tune this so people can add news thru IRC/eggdrops. Just click "Edit text of this page" below , to add your comments.

Some major changes will happen at Berkeley (BOINC is coming) and for our group as well. Just that the page wasnt updated doesnt mean were dead. The core team is active on IRC. Meet us there.. Changes coming up... mutante

There might be some trouble with e-mail while we move our domains...Better dont use it for ebay or important things right now..

Durch den Domainumzug kann es zu zeitweiligen Problemen beim Email Empfang kommen. Am besten nicht gerade jetzt seine Adresse f�?�r ebay oder anderes wichtiges benutzen..

Ihr k÷nntet mal den Link Members fixen ;) AG▓

Ok, gefixed. Da bekommt man jetzt eine Auflistung aller Members mit Suchfunktion. - mutante