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Caution: Links contain 'Adult content' (people that are wearing their "Birthday clothes").



Is this Pornographic?

"No one knows what pornography is. Supreme Court definition of Pornography is something that 'has no artistic merit and causes sexual thoughts'. know, that sounds just like *Every Commercial on TV!*" -Bill Hicks

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In german law the definition of pornography is also not quite clear, so a court decided that,if you show a penis in a movie/magazine ,then pornography or not is being defined by the angle of the (erect) penis to the body. If its standing over 45 degress from the body then its not allowed to show anymore. hahaha, when christian morals meet bureaucracy ;)

Direct linking can also be thougth of in these terms if there is a link back to their site:

Yep,thats a good idea to use IllustratedLinks.