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Moondog was a very in balance unique (real) 'fusion' artist with self-made instruments, classical compositions, and a great feeling for complex rhythms. He created music without being limited by any time's perspective.

People will not have doubt now Moondog was an enigma. His first album has very serious music (piano, chamber orchestra) combined with animal noises, almost Japanese singing, a dance rehearsal, complex rhythms on strange self-made instruments , ending with a real NY street scene with his usual playing but also performing a wisdom inspired theatre play. His second album from 1956 is completely out of every time and space limitation. He uses self-made instruments in very complicated rythms, combines this with street noises, animal noises, wisdom words thrown in the streets of New York, combines sounds from a boat with a bamboo whistle and so on, but also classical inspired and very Japanese like melodies are being recorded there..