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    Metatags are used in HTML . and usually look like this:

    <fnord> foobar </fnord>

    Some examples:

    <b> this text is bold </b>
    <i> this text is italic </i>
    <a href="http://foobar.com/">This is a link</a>
    <img src="http://foobar.com/image.jpg" alt="This is a picture" /> 

    To learn HTML read:

    SelfHTML # http://selfhtml.teamone.de

    1. W3 The WorldWideWeb Consortium defines HtML standards: : http://w3.org
    1. W3 HTML Validator: http://validator.w3.org
    1. SourceForge (X)HTML Validator: http://validate.sourceforge.net]
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