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2005,Oct.5th on #mediawiki on [[Freenode]] (cut out)

< mutante> is 1.4.0 to 1.4.10 worth the upgrade?
< mutante> or should i just wait for 1.5 to become stable soon
< innocence> 1.4.0 is great if you love security problems
< mark-> just install 1.5
< mutante> innocence: ouch,got the message
< mutante> mark: you recommend 1.5rc4 preview release?
< mark-> yes
< avar> I'd rather use REL1_5
< innocence> 1.5 ate my dog
< avar> I thought it ate your flower
< mutante> does 1.40 to 1.5rc4 include a change of the database scheme?
< mutante> i see "Major changes have been made to the schema from 1.4.x." even
< mutante> mark-: it tries to scare me with "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UPGRADE A LIVE, PUBLIC SITE TO 1.5 AT THIS TIME."
< mark-> don't be scared
< mark-> that must be old :)
< mark-> and yes there has been a schema change
< mark-> but there's an upgrade script
< mutante> it says so in "UPGRADE" text file of 1.5rc4 release..
< grin> mutante: well live wikipedia is usually breaks when developers upgrade ;)
< mark-> wikipedia runs 1.6...
< grin> mutante: when things stop working we know: hey, they upgraded again!
< innocence> mut: that's mainly so we cans ay "we told you so" when it broke
< mark-> brion, can you PLEASE release 1.5?
< mark-> I get tired of convincing users to run it
< brion> mark-: shortly
< mark-> thanks :)
< mark-> it works fine
< mutante> cool,then i will wait for 1.5 stable ;)
< mark-> make sure you have a backup just in case
< mutante> and not mess with it twice
< mark-> mutante: why? it's just a version number
< TerminX> mutante: 1.5 is stable and fine
* TerminX runs CVS personally
< mark-> unless you like security bugs
< TerminX> on a live, public site, like wikipedia does
< TerminX> running developmental code really isn't an issue
* innocence 's wiki still runs 1.4
< TerminX> heh
< innocence> but then, 1.4 was HEAD at the time i installed it :)