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    Fotojournalist aus .de, ist seit 3 Jahren in den ex-jugoslawischen Ländern unterwegs ist und in Belgrad eine neue Heimat gefunden hat.

    Trip to Kosovo, December 2007[edit]


    the 25. december i went with the corespondent of "financial times" to kosovo
    a 38hours trip (belgrade-pristina-orahovac-velika hoca-belgrade)
    usualy it takes 4 hours to pristina, but after the highway, the roads were pure ice so it took us 7 hours
    nicely the next day the roads were a little better

    in the morning of 26. we went on the market in pristina taking some interviews
    the FT guy and our serbian guide were afraid of speaking serbian, but after we didnt get people speaking english, they realised that it wasnt a problem to speak serbian at all %o)

    we had to drink a lot of coffees before we went on to the enklava of orahovac
    there it started with drinking rakija ...........
    took us quite long to find the serbian part of town

    with a politician there we went to the village of velika hoca which is nearby
    they have 13 churches there. also there more rakija

    later than planned we went back to belgrade via kosovska mitrovica (thats the road without highway)
    in the end it took us as long as the way down there
    i was at home around 4 in the morning

    Orahovac, Kosovo
    Orahovac, Kosovo
    Velica Hoca, Kosovo. Dec 2007

    pristina seemed to me again quite positive
    the enklaves are quite depressing (a 450 serbs in orahovac and a 750 in velika hoca in the middle of albanian area)
    was a nice trip again i learned a lot about kosovo


    Kriza im "Clou" in Sarajevo, Bosnien, Juni 2003.

    French KFOR soldiers in Kosovska Mitrovica, in the back the south part of town (albanian).

    First flowers on mountain Avala near Belgrade.


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