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religion-wiki is mpov, it can not be npov.

Stands for Multiple Points Of View, as opposed to Wikipedia's NPOV (Neutral Point Of View)-concept, this is an idea brought up on the Religion-wiki by Mattis Manzel.

See also community-wiki: multiple points of view

What is MPOV?[edit]

Religion-wiki is a place for all religions and none to coexist. For this to be true, it is necessary for every member of the community to be able to express their religious beliefs as natural fact to them. Here a Zoroastrian is able to state that Ahura Mazda is the ultimate creator of the universe and a Muslim is able to say the Allah is almighty. On Religion-wiki these two statements are not considered to be contradictory, but are considered to be genuine statements of sincere religion and human spirituality.

What MPOV is not[edit]

MPOV is not an invitation to fill the pages of Religion-wiki with personal rants and inaccurate statements about religion. Multiple points of view is a policy for genuine and sincere religious thought and practice. One may not use this policy to denigrate another's point of view: that would be against the open arms policy.

MPOV is meant for faith matters. Therefore, if someone was to state that the Jewish Temple was in Amritsar, it would not be considered one of a multitude of points of view but plainly wrong.