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    More like the K-G-used-to-B (or not)

    and finally among others Kreisgymnasium Bargteheide ;)

    Suppliers of Club Mate[edit]

    Kohlen Gips Bier
    Vertriebs GmbH
    Krossener Straße 23
    D - 10245 Berlin
    Tel./Fax  +49 30-2945474
    Kollektive Getränke Basis
    Im Kampf gegen den Durst
    Sielwall 33
    D - 28203 Bremen
    Tel.  0421-7940565
    Fax.  0421-7940566
    E-Mail: necta@necta.de

    Oh, did you expect KGB to mean something different? This?

    Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (or KGB) (English: Committee for State Security)


    Also see CIA

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