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    Joseph Campbell

    Masks of Eternity excerpt

    My best freind Heinrich Zimmer years ago used to say:
    The best things can't be told, because they transcend thought. 
     The second best are misunderstood, because those are the thoughts 
     that supposed to refer to that which can't be thought about, 
     you know, and one gets stuck with the thoughts. 
    The 3rd best is what we talk about, you see? 
     and myth is that field of reference, metaphors refering to that which is transcendant." 
    -(excerpt from 'The Power of Myth Part II)
    I once heard a wonderful lecture by Daisetsu Suzuki, 
    you remember this wonderful old Zen philosopher who was over here? 
    He was in his 90's, he started a lecture in Switzerland, that I heard in Ascona.
    He stood up with his hands on his sides and said:
    'God against man - Man against God.'  
    'Man against nature - Nature against man.'
    'Nature against God -  God against nature.'
    'Very funny religion!'
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