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    JoJa aka JoJa Halastra (actually JoJo Halastra as pointed out by Joja) and if you aren't thouroughly confused yet...read on!

    The JoJa mantra(tm)

    Sit down or lie down comfortably on the floor.

    More advanced acolytes should graduate to higher altitudes to practice ex. trees, the prudential, mountains etc..

    Inhale and exhale 5 times normaly Take a large inhale and deeply enunciate:


    <hold the 'OE' for 5 seconds>

    JAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh hh h hh 

    <hold the 'AH' till you switch from vocal tone to exhaling air audibly. Do this till you can not push anymore air from your lungs>

    Repeat 23 times or 23 minus 5 times if you have just started to incorporate JoJa into your life.

    The phonetic of 'JoJa' has many correlations to the name many religious jews do not utter. 'YHVH'. Deep immersion into the the name can have different effects. Please consult a physician if this exercise is for you.


    "It took 3 years for me to actually feel anything from this exercise. But let me tell you once I did, I discontinued my practices. There are somethings humans should not understand or experience" -Swissa Guyava -23y.o Stationed in Lebanon

    "I am a mother of 17 kids. Thanks to the JoJa mantra I am able to transmutate my passive-aggression towards my kids into love. It has also hindered some homicide attempts against my newborns since the little bastards can't focus on anything and have no idea how much toil and energy goes into caring for them with no acknowledgement like a simple smile. Thank you JoJa and the creator of The JoJa Mantra(tm)!." -Rochel Chana-Gitel-bas-Malka-Bracha-MazalTov-YofiYofi-Cohen-Levi-Yisroel 35y.o Riverdale, NYC

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