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    Mr. Woolsey has been a member of the Boards of Directors of several corporations, including: USF&G, 1995-prescnt; Sun HealthCare Group. Inc., 1995-present; Yurie Systems, Inc., 1996-present; Martin Marietta, 1991-1993; British Aerospace, Inc., 1992-1993; Fairchild Industries, 1984-1989; Titan Corporation, 1983-1989-, DynCorp, 1988-1989.

    Besides serving as Director of Central Intelligence, Mr. Woolsey has served in the U.S. government as: Ambassador to the Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), Vienna, 1989-1991; Under Secretary of the Navy, 1977- 1979; General Counsel to the U.9 ' Senate Committee on Armed Services, 1970-73; Advisor (during military service) on the U.S. Delegation to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT 1), Helsinki and Vienna, 1969-1970. He was also appointed by the President as Delegate at Large to the U.S.-Soviet Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and Nuclear and Space Arms Talks (NST), Geneva, 1983-1986.

    Mr. Woolsey has been a Director or Trustee of numerous civic organizations: The Smithsonian Institution (Chairman, Board of Regents' Executive Committee),, 1989-1993-, The Center for Strategic & International Studies, 1991-93, 1995-; The Goldwater Scholarship Foundation, 1988-90; The Aerospace Corporation, 1982-89; and Stanford University, 1972-74. He has been a member of. The President's Commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform, 1989; The President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management (Packard Commission), 1985-1986; and The PresidentÆs Commission on Strategic Forces (Scowcraft Commission), 1993.

    Mr. Woolsey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1941. He is married to Suzanne Haley Woolsey, the Chief Operating Officer of the National Academy of Sciences, and they have three sons: Robert, Daniel, and Benjamin. Mr. Woolsey attended Tulsa public schools, graduating from Tulsa Central High School in 1959. He received his B.A. Degree in 1963 from Stanford University (With Great Distinction, Phi Beta Kappa), an M.A. from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar 1963-65, and an LL.B from Yale Law School in 1968, where he was Managing Editor of the Yale Law Journal,

    Mr. Woolsey is a frequent contributor to major publications, and from time to time gives public speeches, on the subjects of foreign affairs, defense, energy, and intelligence.


    JAMES WOOLSEY The Former CIA Director Speaks on Iraq

    Transcript from Feb. 18, 1998



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