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    Ishmael : An adventure of mind & spirit[edit]


    ISBN 0553375407.

    Written by Daniel Quinn. Author of "Providence", "My Ishmael", "The Story of B", "Beyond Civilization : Humanity's Next Great Adventure" etc... This book inspired the major motion picture "InStinct" which borrowed the ideas and philosophy but changed the plot. Here the author gives his thoughts on the creation of the movie and comments on the common elements between book and movie.

    What it is About:

    "In the ten years that have passed since its publication, no one (including me) has come up with a satisfactory way of explaining what Ishmael is "about." Franz Kafka once wrote to a friend that the only books worth reading are those that "wake us up with a blow on the head" and send us reeling out into the street, not knowing who or what we are. According to thousands of readers I've heard from, this is exactly what Ishmael does for them. What makes Ishmael important is not what it's "about" but rather what it DOES to you--and this is what you need to share with your friends. If it's taken you to a new place in your life (as many people say it has), then tell them that if they want to keep up with you, they're just going to have read it. Whatever it's done to you or for you, that's what will impress your friends, and that's what you need to convey to them." -Author (content provided from here)

    This book helped change a multi-million dollar corporation into a leader and innovator in SusTainable commerce. Read how. (in fact, this is commented on in the movie, "TheCorporation". The CEO of Interface, Inc. (Ray Anderson))

    This book has telepathic gorrillas like in Illuminatus!. Read it for that reason if nothing has influenced you enough from the above! It's as good as any. -KunDa


    Read the first 20 pages
    Friends of Ishmael Community
    Gorrilla Advertising (holy crap that was an awesome pun) + dedicated wiki page OutReachBooks
    Wikipedia:Ishmael_%28novel%29 (warning: contains Spoiler)
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