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Der elfte Trip, oder Kath[edit]

Per aspera ad astra!

  Erstes Buch:  Neuerde
                * Neue Definitionen und Unterscheidungsmerkmale / Defines & Dismarx
                * Sprach- und Begriffsbestimmungen im konfuzianischen Sinn
                * The common use of Basix & Ethix
                * Ontologix & Semantix for the people...
                * Fireworx: The final Settlement of...
                * NEUERDE! Wir bauen eine neue Stadt - die soll die Allerschönste sein!
                * Fünf ist Eins: Die Wächter - Der Sophokratische 5er-Rat
                * Talk23: a smart ruling process for individuals - how to give clever rules to the
                  world without any kind of fear!
  Zweites Buch: FUCKUP & 666
                * Feed us! Calling of the Bots...
                * Schnittstellenfrieden
                * GOD/DOG-OS²³ - Gods own Directions / Democrazy or GNU?
                * LogOS²³ - the perfect Bot
                * P-Government V.23
                * The SETI-Orgon-Converter - Connected within 23 Seconds! 
  Drittes Buch: Cosmix
                * The Loading of the chosen one
                * STARSEED I on the run...
                * The Big SETI-Control - Long Distance View of the Crew...
                * Abyssseus und die Orgonauten
                * Europa hat mehr... Cosmic Relay
                * Und hinter dem Jupiter... die Ewigkeit / Abyss
                * Die 23 Botschaften der Botschafter
                * Zweithundsruh / The Ancient Gods
  Viertes Buch: * RAWs Himmlische Botschaften: die fehlenden 8 Anhänge
                  Anhg1: The big SETI-Clou from the Stars:
                         Jesus on the Mainpage - tell him what you want!
                  Anhg2: HowTo1 - How to use the Orgon Relay Chat (ORC)
                  Anhg3: HowTo2 - Kissing with the Goddess
                  Anhg4: Kaosutra, the Mossad and the hidden XXX-Files of ILLUMINATUS! I-IV 
                  Anhg5: The untold secret of the Ark of the Covenant
                  Anhg6: The untold secret of the holy Gral
                  Anhg7: How we made it at last...
                  Anhg8: Immortality - the Trip goes on... and on... and on... and on... beep!
  Fünftes Buch: * The LAW of RAW - The Discordian Shrine - an Epilogue. 
                * STARSEED II: Dwarf-b - the trip goes on... what else could we want more?

State of Worx[edit]

The virtual version of ILLUMINATUS! IV, designed by the Dutch23-OntoMediaGroup, was intended to be published and performed here on this fine and funny mindfucking website as a very special kind of disinformational, chaotical and experimential multimedia project - reaching and capturing the worldwide best performances of informatical innovation and artificial intelligence.

By reason of disharmonic waves inside the co-related IRC-Channel #seti23 (running on EFnet servers) - see logfile dd October 25, 2009 - our master mind, Joe L. Garthum, decided in accordance with the Dutch23-OntoMediaGroup, to stop all editing worx here on by now.

Please, be assured that all concerned persons are shocked and very² sorry about it.

The Storyboard Pages[edit]

  • ... not to be continued here... real sorry about it, Folkz!

Padma - a small bot becomes famous![edit]

  • ... not to be continued here... real sorry about it, Folkz!

The Bijlmer Ramp[edit]

 The Bijlmer Ramp
 * ... not to be continued here... real sorry about it, Folkz!

Co-Worx / Creditorslist[edit]

Thank you all for being so kind... with assistance, help in many ways and for giving good food, Shoarma & Kharma (our dear sister Jezebel aka Kaosutra23)!

  • Jezebel aka Kaosutra23
  • Mattis
  • mutante
  • talisman
  • Weasel23 aka Vessla23
  • and all the others, sisters and brothers...


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