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ok this isn't going to be much of a how to, more a this is what i did one night to try see what i could find out about a nasty spammer. well i would not really call it spam more a defacement by a cracker if they just wanted to increase there search engine ratings they could of done that in the spam section, but instead they try to destroy the wiki, spam is just annoying but does no real damage, but defacing a site destructive. rant over =)

first i found this on [h2g2]

i searched around and found a nice [site]... they had a search for [ripe] =) the ripe database i like it...

its got there [asnumber] too and its got info about there [mnt] too what ever that is

all with some nice contact info info =)

i didn't know you could to that =) but i spose it makes sense really...

now to find out who "Alnadeem Inforamtion technology" are... =) well there address says [Bahrain] they say "Bahrain's small size and central location among Persian Gulf"

for some strange resion or other this [site] turned up in [google] they have some more tools... like this one a spamers [search] and boom there you go the ip is listed all over the place... this [site] is cleaver stuff lol =)

me thinks maybe a usermod anti spam plugin that checks the ip against a spammers list maybe like [this], is needed. it would of cernenly helped in this case.

Also a good starting point might be this page [[1]] it lists who is responciple for the all /8's ie 0.x.x.x.x to 255.x.x.x maybe to be contuninued...