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    The S23 Quick and Dirty Wiki Tutorial for the Impatient

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    Ok well..to really learn about wiki quickly..you need to look at the most important aspect, 'the source'. Click on the 'Edit' link/button of this page now. (or if you're super fucking lazy click here)


    This is where the magic happens. Click the 'Show Preview' button to compare the source with the formated wiki page.

    The Meat[edit]

    2 main ways to link in wiki is:

    • Internal: (back into the wiki itself). It helps if the page you are linking to exists.
    • External: Format is [http://url.com/fnord LinkNameWhitSpaceOptional]

    To seperate sentences you will either need to

    put a empty line between them or you can
    break them up like
    this. Or to be super special, you can use

    how to make:[edit]

    • ''italicized text'' = italicized text
    • '''bolded text''' = bolded text
    • ''''bolded text with single quotes'''' = 'bolded text with single quotes'
    • A bowel movement? Hot water, 1/4 lemon squeezed, pinch of salt, mix in a mug, drink, do some lower back stretches and Agni Sara

    how to link:[edit]

    Quick Legend: 
    external link = blue  (Wikipedia:Sandbox)
    internal link = green (Sandbox)
    broken*  link = red   (A fake sandbox) (*or 'wanted link',it means YOU should create it;))
    • internal: [[Fnord]] = Fnord
    • internal labeled: [[Fnord|lick here]] = lick here
    • interwiki: [[Wikipedia:Fnord]] = Wikipedia:Fnord
    • interwiki labeled: [[Wikipedia:Fnord|touch me]] = touch me
    • external: [http://seti23.org] = [1]
    • external labeled: [http://seti23.org seti23] = seti23

    Notice that external links have only one bracket, while wiki links have double brackets.

    Interwiki linking includes search engine links like [[Google:Fnord]] = Google:Fnord and you can use every other alias you find in the Intermap.

    Ok..that should be enough info to allow you to explore wiki.
    Some suggestions before you do:

    1. Mess around with your new wiki skills in the Sandbox
    2. Make an wiki account so you can track your changes and others can know who you are and introduce themselves. This allows the Wiki Editors to know who you are..hopefully not a troll.
    3. Check out the Recentchanges page to see the changes you've made and what others are working on.
    4. If your curiosity is peaked and has overcome your Attention Deficit Disorder and you want to get a bit more fancy with wiki editing; check out Tutorial for ways
      1. How to upload and place images on the wiki
      2. Watch (monitor) your soon to be favorite wiki pages
      3. Much much more
    5. If you are special just like everybody else check out Special:Help
    6. Browse through the wikis Wantedpages and create a wiki page that has been requested.
    7. Explore other Wikis through WikiNode

    Yet more Quick&Dirty Wiki tips[edit]

    • Make a user-page, so people can adress you (on your Talk-page) sign it with the wiki signature function"
      • typing: ~~~ creates [[User:realname|real name]] example: Kunda
      • typing: ~~~~ creates [[User:realname|real name]] hh:mm, Day Month Year (CET) example: Kunda 11:42, 24 Feb 2005 (CET)

    What else should be put here?[edit]


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