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    HowTo/Create a torrent file


    • Create a torrent file
    Azureus: File->Create Torrent
             Here you will be asked to do a few things: 
                   1)Enter the Tracker Announce URL 
                      (Make sure you specify the correct Announce URL that you will be using 
                       ex: http://foo.com:6969/announce)
                   2)ADD whatever comment/description you wish to add to the file (make sure its informative!)
                      (Personally i dont like to add Gnutella2 or emule2000 hashes
                   3)Choose which file you want to make a .torrent file from
                      (segment size is up to you)
    • Browse to the tracker you will be using (some require l/p)
    • Go to its Upload page (ex http://foo.com:6969/upload.html) and u/l the .torrent file you made above
    • Then return to your client and begin to 'Seed' the file (so people can d/l it from you which will be displayed on the tracker)
    Azureus: File->Open->.torrent file (For Seeding)
                   1)This is a little tricky since you will get 2 dialog window one after the other
                      In the 1st one you choose the .torrent file you just made
                      In the 2nd one you will choose the Original file you made the .torrent file from
                   2)Then Azureus checks the integrity of both files
                   3)If it was successful it will show in the Bottom Seeding window
    • To check if everything is OK go to the main tracker page and see if your file is being tracked. Ask someone to try and d/l it


    from another lead

    Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create Torrent, Post the Torrent on the Tracker and Re-Seed the Torrent. Using the Bit Torrent Official, Azureus & Tomato Torrent Clients

    Question: What's a torrent? Basically, it's a pointer file that points to the file being shared or uploaded by you. It breaks down the whole file into logical parts (called hashes), counts & logs their numbers, where on the HD it's stored and at what IP address (so others can come and get it.) this is the file (torrent) that you upload to the tracker. Question: What is a tracker? This is the area of a server that keeps "track" of who uploaded and is sharing what. Makes a list in which others (peers or commonly known as leechers), aurthorized to to "see" this page(s), can click on the link to download the torrent onto their computers. Then, you can open the torrent (pointer file) and start to download parts of the file until you have the whole thing. Question: What is seeding? This is the act of uploading the torrent to the tracker, making the file available to others and keeping your computer and BT client on in order that others (who have downloaded the torrent) can recieve the file. Question: What is re-seeding? Pretty much the same as seeding, only that the posted torrent on the tracker currently does not have anyone uploading the whole or parts of the file(hashes) to others (peers or leechers) so that they might finish the file and in turn be seeders of the whole file too. In fact the way the Bit Torrent client works, as soon as you have recieved a piece of the file, you will start to upload that piece (and any other pieces that you have recieved) to others needing those parts.

    Tips before you start your Bit Torrent making:
    a. Make an iso (image) of the DVD, CD, Folder, app ~ whatever it is you want to share. Best to use Disk Utility (Panther) Disk Copy (Jaguar) or DropDMG. This will make a .dmg of the "file". Even if it's an OS9 app, use .dmg and not .img (.img files do not translate to torrents well, they get corrupted). Note: Do not use compression on the .dmg file. b. Stuff your file with Stuffit, Zipit, Gzip. Anything that is the current version of these programs. (No Need to Stuff .dmg files, IMHO, as been brought up in discussion as to point out that if you stuff an dmg file, you'll probably keep just the .dmg and not the stuffed version. When a reseed is needed, you'll not be able to help, as you have deleted the required stuffed version.) c. Place torrent in your BT's folder for completed files. (any place you've designated as the completed file folder)

    Note: Be sure to setup Azureus client's configuration on where your Torrents and your completed Files are located. They can be in the same folder together. Or you may have seperate folders, one for torrents and one for completed files. The location of this folder can not change. Again, this can not be moved because when you generate a torrent, the location of the file is written into the torrent file itself, thus if you move the file, Azureus can not and will not be able to find it. This will produce an error stating missing file. BT/Tomato will also ask you for this location. It's good to get organized with your files and your torrents as this will make DL and UL a lot easier.

    Generate/Create Torrent: 1) Start your Bit Torrent application. Bit Torrent(BT), Azureus (AZ), Tomato Torrent (is based on BT, same as BT)

    2) Go to File menu--> Generate Torrent File(BT), create a torrent(AZ)

    3) The Generate/Create Torrent File window appears. Enter the tracker URL in the "Tracker URL:" field (BT). Choose the "Use an External Tracker" (AZ). Currently the URL is: http://temptka:2938/announce

    4) (BT)- From the Completed Files folder (or where ever you have the file stored), drag and drop that file onto the Generate Torrent File box. (If dropping a folder, Make sure the "Make a torrent for each..." is NOT checked.) (AZ)- Choose "Browse". Find and choose the file. Click on "next". Leave it on "Auto" or choose which size to make hashes (pieces) of the torrent.

    5) (BT) Click the "Generate..." button. (AZ) Click on "Finish". A Save dialog box appears. Choose the location of your torrents folder and click the "Save" button. (AZ) Click on "Finish". When the progress bar reaches the end, you have successfully generated/created your torrent file. (BT) You can close the Generate/Create Torrent File box or make more torrent files. (AZ) Click on "Close". This will close the "Create a Torrent" dialog box. Just read the rest at the forum, which everyone should join, and support, like this great site.

    --> BitTorrent

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