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    Homemade Paneer Whip

    Delicious and simple recipe...try it.
    Can be eated alone or as a topping for anything


    • Whey or Milk or Water
    • Paneer
    • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
    • .5 teaspoon cinnammon
    • Maple Syrup


    1. Put 1 cup of Paneer in blender or food processor with as much Whey as needed to make a soft, peaky, whipped, creamy texture. Usually about 0.5-0.75 cup.
      1. Milk or water may be substituted for Whey.
    2. Whip up with 1 teaspoon of vanilla, .5 teaspoon cinnammon and a dash of maple syrup if desired
      1. Chopped dates and nuts may be added for another tasty treat
        1. Strawberries, Mangoes or Bananas may be whipped as well (although why waste a mango?)

    This Recipe is delicious on fruit salad as well

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