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    Googlewatch Watch

    This page is in response to Googlewatch since each assertion needs to be looked at in a balanced way.

    Here, the credibility of Google-watch is being attacked by what seems to be a 3rd party not affiliated (?) with google called Google-watch Watch. When you read the story you realize that just as paper doesn't reject ink so can be said for an HTML file and a Dedicated Webserver. Who's telling the truth? Or which side is more accurate?

    That really the problem with conspiracy theory or even history. Who's writing it? How much valid truth is in it? How does the Reality Tunnel of the person writing the piece disturb the truth?

    What we do know is that Google is

    • big
    • works very well
    • Data mine for marketing purposes
    • a Revolutionary in web advertising (some would attribute just this attribute as Evil)

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