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Gentoo is a Linux distribution based on a technology called Portage.

What they say about themselves:

We produce Gentoo Linux, a special flavor of Linux that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need. Extreme configurability, performance and a top-notch user and developer community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo experience.

Gentoo Linux... in a poster

Portage is the heart of Gentoo Linux, and performs many key functions. For one, Portage is the software distribution system for Gentoo Linux. To get the latest software for Gentoo Linux, you type one command: emerge --sync. This command tells Portage to update your local "Portage tree" over the Internet... (yawn, just like Debian has been doing with apt-get since years *g*;)

< simonrvn> i think you're suffering from gentooitis

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