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When you were a created art all the time.
You immersed your hands in paint and then slapped it on a canvas.
Then the teacher came over and pulled the canvas from the table and put it into a picture frame. Suddenly, as it was put on the wall, it became art.

So if you put a frame around it, it transforms. It has a meaning and this meaning stands for itself..since, everyone can dispute what art is, but they cant dispute that art doesn't exist or that art has different meanings to different people.

So with this in mind..maybe you can find a way to put a frame around your work. Put a frame around your ideas. Put a frame around yourself. Put yourself in a context. But also be flexible with that context. So you dont totally identify with it. So you can take it down and build another one. Maybe one that suits you better at that moment.


I like this, there is just one exception, dont put a frame on/in your website;) mutante 18:39, 8 Jul 2005 (CEST)