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Fnord in modern society[edit]

The Fnord Handbook (a work in progress)[edit]

Here are a list of commonly used symbols/vocalizations that 'turn around' (manipulate) a Human nervous system (specifically 1st world westerners). Usually these will be used by people in the retail world (sales people)


  1. A service or a "feature" that can be used a bargaining chip to show goodwill on the sales person side. Usually these 'Free' things are already included in the product but are advertised as if they are a special feature thrown in for good measure.
  2. Fat-Free Sugar-Free. These are techniques to activate the consumer within you. Fat is not necessarily a bad thing. There are fats that are ESSENTIAL to the human body. Saturated Fat is the problem. Many times the substitutes used instead of the 'free' ingredient are worse for you, which is kind of twisted, wouldn't you agree? (example: aspertame)


  1. "Buy NOW and SAVE". A common manipulation. You 'Save' when you spend less?? Is that really 'Saving'?

heh, when did the War Ministry become the Defense Ministry by the way?