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FillyJonk is an IRC bot using dIRC - providing various features, she can generally be found living in the #er channel at port 6665.

Commands Supported !dictionary word

Returns the first dictionary definition from !annotate url text

Submits an annotation of the url to the Annotea server. !annotations url

Lists all the annotation of the url that has stored !validate url var add

Validates the url by using the XML interface from Site Valet displaying results. var is the type of report, 0 is just validation, 1,2,3 are WCAG 1.0 levels and 508 is US Section 508 accessibility validation. add if this is included (anything) then it will submit the report converted to earl to the Annotest annotation server. !analyse url

This is an experimental analysis of a url indicating some accessibility problems related to javascript in webpages, it's related to Snork. !js expression

Executes the expression in a javascript eval (This is limited to certain users for security reasons). The Source

If you wish to run a FillyJonk bot yourself, please contact me, by email, I don't make the source code available here as I'm reliant on other services and don't feel it appropriate to offer the source without also giving them a veto.