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(Redirected from Fgrep)

The grep command searches one or more input files for lines containing a match to a specified pattern.

How can I list just the names of matching files?

grep -l 'main' *.c

How do I search directories recursively?

grep -r 'hello' /home/gigi

Suppose I want to search for a whole word, not a part of a word?

grep -w 'hello' *

How do I output context around the matching lines?

grep -C 2 'hello' *

How can I search in both standard input and in files?

Use the special file name `-':
cat /etc/passwd | grep 'alain' - /etc/motd

more on



$ cat FILENAME|grep SUCHWORT1|grep UND_SUCHWORT2|grep -v OHNE_SUCHWORT3|grep -i SuChWoRt4



see also: mansearch, man2html


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