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    Experience Oncoplastic Breast Conservation Surgery

    The oncoplastic breast conservation surgery means a fundamental component of the repertoire for the management of breast cancer. It is designed to remove large volumes of breast tissue and help improve cosmetic outcomes and patient satisfaction. It is considered as the next sentinel node biopsy or balloon brachytherapy. It can cater to the needs of the patients by combining oncologic principles with plastic surgical techniques. When undergoing this surgery, it requires vision, passion, knowledge of anatomy, understanding of esthetics, symmetry, and breast function and appreciation.

    It is tailored to allow even large tumours to be managed. When you suffer from the breast cancer, you have to deal with the physical changes surgical treatment bringing to your breast and body image. The breast conserving surgery is a good solution because it can remove the cancer and spares the rest of the breast. Of course, the complete removal of the cancer can determine the success of BCS. Therefore, the surgeon has to be careful to carry every surgery, which can lead to better outcomes.

    Before carrying out the oncoplastic breast conservation surgery, there are some factors to consider. It is important to confirm whether that volume of tissue is excised. Aside from this, the best hospital in Singapore has a responsibility for thinking about the tumour location, breast size and glandular density, patient related risk factors, particularly smoking, obesity, diabetes, previous surgery. The adjuvant therapies must be considered. Volume replacement techniques is important for women with small breasts with a little remaining breast volume for displacement following cancer surgery. If you want to get the best result, you should find a reliable hospital that is capable of performing it well.

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