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Excel formulas

a collection of "forulars" i have used in Excel

Capture the last segment[edit]

The first one is what I found on [Mr Excel]

The second is what I wanted =)

Very nice logic I thourght.

=REPLACE(A1,1,SEARCH("@",SUBSTITUTE(A1," ","@",LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1," ",""))-1)),"") - extracts the last 2 space seperated segments - ie "moo foo" from "who are moo foo"

=REPLACE(H12,1,SEARCH("@",SUBSTITUTE(H12,"-","@",LEN(H12)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(H12,"-","")))),"") - extracts the last minus seperated segment - ie "foo" from "who-are-moo-foo"

Quick dirt explanation (using above example)



"Length of the target cell" - "Length of the target cell with out the seperator"

Len "who-are-moo-foo" = 15 - len "whoaremoofoo" = 12

= 3



Sub the [1]th "@" for a "-" in target cell.

Substitute the 3rd - in "who-are-moo-foo" with @

= "who-are-moo@foo"



Replace from char 1 to the "@" for string "who-are-moo@foo"

= "foo"