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    Eternal Flower Power

    Occasionally found in the form Ewige blumenkraft und ewige schlangenkraft (eternal flower power & eternal snake power)

    From The Illuminatus Trilogy [1] by Robert Anton Wilson

    Recently I saw a documentary film on the Democratic Convention of 1968, and I was struck by the scene in which Senator Abraham Ribicoff made a critical remark provoking the anger of the Mayor of Chicago. In the ensuing tumult it was impossible to hear the Mayor's shouted retort, and there has been much speculation about what he actually said. To me it seemed his lips were forming the words that by this time become frighteningly familiar: "Ewige Blumenkraft!"

    From "Conspiracies, Cults and Cover-Ups" by Robert Anton Wilson.(?)

    Ewige Blumenkraft! The slogan of the Illuminati, Ewige Blumenkraft ("Eternal Flower Power") was first revealed by a magazine called Teenset. According to this expose, written for an adolescent audience, the Illuminati started out as the Ishmaeli sect of Islam and entered Europe several centuries before surfacing via Adam Weishaupt in 1776. The magazine describes the Ishmaeli's as "dope fiends" and claimed Weishaupt "achieved illumination" by studying the teachings of Hassan i Sabbah and growing hemp in his backyard.The article also claims that Illuminism and "Flower Power" inspired all nine of Beethovens symphonies. Teenset also avers that Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago shouted "Ewige Blumenkraft!" during his off-microphone diatribe against Senator Abraham Ribicoff during the 1968 Democratic Party convention. (Ribicoff had angered Daly by criticizing the tactics of the Chicago police in dealing with anti-war demonstrators.

    Reference: -"The Conspiracy," by Sandra Glass, Teenset, March 1969, pp.34-40

    Principia Discordia

    The Colbert Report - Stephen Colbert said "EWIGE BLUMENKRAFT" at the end of the 24/7/07 episode when talking about the Illuminati.

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