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List compiled from different unverifoed sources (aka the internet so it likely contains mistakes)

  • Yogis in India speak of a similar energy called Prana or Kundalini
  • Chinese and Japanese herbalists, acupuncturists, and martial artists all claim to manipulate an energy with the names chi or ki
  • In parts of Africa and Polynesia they have Mana
  • Ancient Egyptians called it Ankh
  • Sufism reffers to it as Baraka
  • In the christian faith the idea is exemplified in the biblical concept of divine glory as halos over the heads of saints in medieval art
  • Kabbalists call it astral light (?)
  • The Aboriginal American:
    • Huron tribe call it Oki
    • Iriquois tribe call it Orenda
    • Dakota tribe call it Ton
    • Lakota tribe call it Wakan (Wakan Takan is the name of the creator)
  • Inuit peoples call it Sila
  • Aboriginal Hawaiians call it Tane
  • Australian Aborigines call it Arunquiltha
  • In some South American countries it is called Gana
  • Algonquins call it Manitou (?)
  • In Gana, West Africa it is called Mulungo
  • Ashanti call it Ntoro
  • Bantu call it Ntu
  • Hiru Pygmy call it M'gbe
  • Hypocrates called it Vis Mediatrix Naturae
  • Galen, in ancient Greece, called it Pneuma
  • In the works of the wise Hermes Trismegistos this energy is mentioned under the name of Telesma.
  • The alchemist Robert Fludd called it spiritus
  • In the sixteenth century, Paracelsus claimed to observe an energy he called Munia
  • In the eighteenth century, Goethe claimed to observe a similar energy called Gestaltung
  • Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) coined it Animal Magnetism or Magnetic Fluid
  • Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) called it the Vital Force (?)
  • Philosopher Friederich Schelling (1775-1854) named it Dynamism
  • Karl Reichenbach called it the the Odic force
  • Walter Kilner called it the Human Atmosphere
  • Rudolph Steiner reffered to it as the Formative Forces
  • Wilhelm Reich claimed to discover Orgone
  • Russian scientist's called it Bioplasm
  • Star Wars characters popularized it with The Force
  • PSI energy coined by Russell Targ. (?)
  • Hippies reffered to it as Vibes
  • The New Agers reffer to it Auras
  • Lately, referring to the primary and the subtle force of life, some scientists and the parapsychologists call it Bioenergy and/or Biomagnetism
  • Also reffered to as Subtle Energy