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    Email to the universe

    The title of a new book by Robert Anton Wilson, released by New Falcon.

    EMAIL TO THE UNIVERSE Robert Anton Wilson

    The range of Robert Anton Wilson's expertise is always astonishing. In email to the universe he tackles a dazzling array of subjects including: The Passion of the Antichrist; The Celtic Roots of Quantum Theory; Paranoia; Black Magick & Curses; LSD, Dogs & Me; Left and Right: A Non-Euclidean Perspective; Sexual Alchemy; Cheerful Reflections on Death and Dying; The Relativity of "Reality" and a whole bunch more. Bob's description of his campaign to become governor of California (as the candidate of the Guns & Dope party, no less) will have you rolling on the floor.

    ISBN 1-56184-194-3 256 pages $16.95

    from: http://newfalcon.com/books/email_to_universe.htm

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