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    It is interesting, one tries to define a word they use frequently and then they look it up and learn how many different interpretations there are. How Multi-leveled or Multi-faceted one word becomes. How easy it is to talk about the subject with another and both of you have two different definitions of what the subject is in your mind. Therefore, this following blurb has been added:

    This page has words on it that could be interpreted in multiple ways.

    Because these words are multi-faceted, this might leads to misinterpretation of information.
    Please watch the way your mind reacts as it interprets these words/concepts/ideas.
    Once you've made a certain decision about the page, try to then go beyond the conclusion you've made and ask the question What can this be true of? instead of trying to conclude what is wrong with the authors' perception and how S/he probobly reached that conclusion. The benefits of this kind of practice are huge. The idea here is to not to just undiscernably 'swallow information whole' but to step out of the scope of your perception for a moment and see if it needs reworking.



    • The little I (refers to the 'Super Ego')
    • What you get when you were expecting something else. (refers to the 'Super Ego')

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