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    #! /home/drfalken/bot/eggdrop
    # $Id: eggdrop.conf,v 1.7 2002/11/18 05:39:34 wcc Exp $
    set username "DrFalken"
    set admin "mutante <email: mutante@s23.org>"
    set network "IRCNet"
    set timezone "CET"
    set offset "-1"
    # If you don't want to use the timezone setting for scripting purposes only,
    # but instead everywhere possible, un-comment the following line.
    #set env(TZ) "$timezone $offset"
    set my-hostname "sq-net.de"
    set my-ip ""
    set max-logs 5
    set max-logsize 0
    set quick-logs 0
    logfile mco * "logs/eggdrop-wm.log"
    logfile jpk #mediawiki "logs/bots-wm.log"
    set log-time 1
    set keep-all-logs 0
    set logfile-suffix ".%d%b%Y"
    set switch-logfiles-at 300
    set quiet-save 0
    set console "mkcobxs"
    set userfile "drfalken-wm.user"
    set pidfile "pid.drfalken-wm"
    set sort-users 1
    set help-path "help/"
    set text-path "text/"
    set temp-path "/tmp"
    set motd "text/motd"
    set telnet-banner "text/banner"
    set userfile-perm 0600
    listen 60023 all
    set remote-boots 0
    set share-unlinks 1
    set protect-telnet 0
    set dcc-sanitycheck 1
    set ident-timeout 5
    set require-p 1
    set open-telnets 0
    set stealth-telnets 1
    set use-telnet-banner 0
    set connect-timeout 15
    set dcc-flood-thr 3
    set telnet-flood 5:60
    set paranoid-telnet-flood 0
    set resolve-timeout 15
    set ignore-time 23
    set hourly-updates 23
    set owner "mutante"
    set notify-newusers "$owner"
    set default-flags "gv"
    set whois-fields "url birthday"
    set die-on-sighup 0
    set die-on-sigterm 1
    unbind dcc n tcl *dcc:tcl
    unbind dcc n set *dcc:set
    # If you enable this setting, only permanent owners (owner setting) will be
    # able to use .tcl and .set. Moreover, if you want only let permanent owners
    # use .dump, then set this to 2.
    set must-be-owner 1
    # Comment out this line to add the 'simul' partyline command (owners
    # can manipulate other people on the party line). Please select owners
    # wisely and use this command ethically!
    # unbind dcc n simul *dcc:simul
    # Set here the maximum number of dcc connections you will allow. You can
    # increase this later, but never decrease it.
    set max-dcc 50
    # Enable this setting if you want to enable the 'dccsimul' Tcl command.
    set enable-simul 1
    # Enable this setting if you want +d & +k users to use commands bound as -|-.
    set allow-dk-cmds 1
    # If your Eggdrop rejects bots that actually have already disconnected from
    # another hub, but the disconnect information has not yet spread over the
    # botnet due to lag, use this setting. The bot will wait dupwait-timeout
    # seconds before it checks again and then finally reject the bot.
    set dupwait-timeout 5
    set mod-path "modules/"
    loadmodule dns
    loadmodule channels
    set chanfile "drfalken-wm.chan"
    set force-expire 0
    set share-greet 0
    set use-info 1
    set global-flood-chan 23:60
    set global-flood-deop 4:10
    set global-flood-kick 3:10
    set global-flood-join 0:0
    set global-flood-ctcp 3:60
    set global-flood-nick 10:60
    set global-aop-delay 5:30
    set global-idle-kick 0
    set global-chanmode "n"
    set global-stopnethack-mode 0
    set global-revenge-mode 0
    set global-ban-time 120
    set global-exempt-time 60
    set global-invite-time 60
    set global-chanset {
            -autoop         -autovoice
            -bitch          +cycle
            +dontkickops    +dynamicbans
            +dynamicexempts +dynamicinvites
            -enforcebans    -greet
            -inactive       -nodesynch
            -protectfriends +protectops
            -revenge        -revengebot
            -secret         -seen
            +shared         +statuslog
            +userbans       +userexempts
            +userinvites    -protecthalfops
       channel add #mediawiki {
         chanmode "+n"
         idle-kick 0
       channel set #mediawiki -bitch +enforcebans -greet -revenge
    loadmodule server
    set net-type 0
    set nick "DrFalken"
    set altnick "DrFalken"
    set realname "A game of chess?"
    set init-server { putserv "MODE $botnick +i-ws" }
    set default-port 6667
    set servers {
    set keep-nick 1
    set strict-host 0
    set quiet-reject 1
    set lowercase-ctcp 0
    set answer-ctcp 3
    set flood-msg 10:60
    set flood-ctcp 3:60
    set never-give-up 1
    set strict-servernames 0
    set server-cycle-wait 60
    set server-timeout 60
    set servlimit 0
    set check-stoned 1
    set use-console-r 0
    set debug-output 0
    set serverror-quit 1
    set max-queue-msg 300
    set trigger-on-ignore 0
    set double-mode 0
    set double-server 0
    set double-help 0
    set optimize-kicks 1
    set stack-limit 4
    loadmodule ctcp
    set ctcp-mode 1
    set ctcp-version "fnordIRCv0.23"
    set ctcp-finger "stop fingering me"
    set ctcp-userinfo "neugierig?"
    loadmodule irc
    set bounce-bans 1
    set bounce-modes 0
    set max-bans 20
    set max-modes 30
    set kick-fun 0
    set ban-fun 0
    set learn-users 0
    set wait-split 600
    set wait-info 180
    set mode-buf-length 200
    unbind msg - hello *msg:hello
    bind msg - fnord *msg:hello
    unbind msg - ident *msg:ident
    unbind msg - addhost *msg:addhost
    set no-chanrec-info 0
    set bounce-exempts 0
    set bounce-invites 0
    set max-exempts 20
    set max-invites 20
    set prevent-mixing 1
    # loadmodule notes
    # set notefile "drfalken.notes"
    set max-notes 50
    set note-life 60
    set allow-fwd 0
    set notify-users 1
    set notify-onjoin 1
    loadmodule share
    loadmodule transfer
    loadmodule console
    set console-autosave 1
    set force-channel 0
    set info-party 0
    loadmodule blowfish
    source scripts/alltools.tcl
    source scripts/action.fix.tcl
    # Use this script for Tcl and Eggdrop downwards compatibility.
    # NOTE: This can also cause problems with some newer scripts.
    source scripts/compat.tcl
    # This script provides many useful informational functions, like setting
    # users' URLs, e-mail address, ICQ numbers, etc. You can modify it to add
    # extra entries.
    source scripts/userinfo.tcl
    loadhelp userinfo.help
    source scripts/egghttp.tcl
    source netbots/netbots.tcl
    source scripts/dictionary2.tcl
    source scripts/rss-synd.tcl
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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.