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    In Discordianism, a pope is "every single man, woman, and child on this Earth."

    Included in the Principia Discordia there is an "offical =POPE= card" (on page 00036) that may be reproduced and distributed freely to anyone and everyone. Popehood, however, is not granted through possession of this card —it is merely to inform people that they are a genuine and authorized Pope of Discordia.

    While the powers of a Pope were not necessarily enumerated in the Principia, we are given some idea from a note under the card which states, "A =POPE= is someone who is not under the authority of the authorities." Some Discordians have also taken it upon themselves to further elaborate upon the powers of a Pope. On the back of some Pope cards, the following message can be found:

    "The rights of a =POPE= include but are not necessarily limited to:

    1. To invoke infallibility at any time, including retroactively.
    2. To completely rework the Erisian church.
    3. To baptise, bury, and marry (with the permission of the deceased in the latter two cases).
    4. To ex-communicate, de-ex-communicate, re-ex-communicate, and de-re-ex-communicate (no backsies!) both his-/her-/it-/them-/your-/our-/His-/Her-/It-/Them-/Your-/Our-self/selves and others (if any).
    5. To perform all rites and functions deemed inappropriate for a Pope of Discordia."

    This understanding of the notion of Pope has far reaching consequences in Discordianism. For example, the introduction to Principia Discordia says, "Only a Pope may canonize a Saint. [...] So you can ordain yourself —and anyone or anything else —a Saint." The last enumerated right of a =POPE= may be an allusion to the necessary and proper clause.

    A female version, with the word Mome substituted for Pope, has also been promulgated.

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