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    Discordia Inc

    Discordia Inc.

    The site of the Tropist Monks of Byzantium, and their games-producing non-profit organisation Discordia Incorporated. Come stay awhile in this roomy ensemble, where the air is clear and fresh, and the only flowers on tables are the ones that grow there naturally.

    So, is this a commercial site masquerading as Discordian propaganda or Discordian propaganda cunningly disguised as a commercial site? The answer, inevitably is Yes (in some sense). If you've come here, chances are you're a Discordian, or interested in Discordianism, or someone who mistyped 'Accordian' into their Search Engine . Perhaps you're a sad lonely person who hopes to make friends over the Internet, in which case we recommend that you disconnect right now, purchase a fine bottle of wine, a hand-rolled joint and a mid-range prostitute. You will feel much better for it. If you live in the Land of the Free, or any other oppressive regime where prostitutes, marijuana or wine are not readily available, we recommend a trip to Amsterdam.

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