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Perl Advanced TCP Hijacking

   The hijackers P.A.T.H. to the galaxy


Crazy Sniffer

Programmend by Bastian Ballmann Last Update: 29.11.2002 Licensed under the GPL


---:[ Requires

Perl NetPacket modules Net::PcapUtils Data::Hexdumper Libpcap

---:[ Description

Crazysniffer is just another password and network sniffer for Linux. You can specify the network interface, dump the payload in ascii or hex, use pcap expression and enable the password or telnet / mail session sniffin mode. In the telnet or mail sniffing mode you will see all traffic like you are sitting in front of the telnet or mail client. The mail sniffin mode will sniff SMTP, POP3 and IMAP traffic.

---:[ Installation

If your system supports Perl just install the required Perl modules. You get them at CPAN [2]. Be sure that you have also installed the libpcap library. You get it here [3]

---:[ Usage

Run ./crazysniffer.pl --help to get help.


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