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    Get an account on a vintage Cray Y-MP EL (running 24x7) and other vintage supercomputers, located in Munich, Germany:


    Guest login data for the UNIX-based machines ( login.cray-cyber.org):

    Username: guest

    Password: guest



    Hostname: 	yel.cray-cyber.org
    Times of operation: 	24x7
    Machine Type: 	Cray Y-MP EL (Entry Level)
    Operating system: 	Cray UNICOS (Unix-based)
    Free software installed (/usr/local): 	Bash, GNU Make, Readline, GZip, less, vim, unzip, GNU tar, xaos, perl (in /opt)


    Hostname:	cy960.cray-cyber.org
    Times of operation:	Every saturday
    Machine Type:	CDC Cyber 180/960-31
    Operating system:	NOS 2.8.1 Level 803
    Commercial products installed:	Fortran V compiler (FTN5)


    Hostname: 	majestix.cray-cyber.org
    Times of operation: 	Every saturday (since Sep 6th 2003)
    Machine Type: 	Control Data 4680-MP
    Operating system: 	EP/IX 2.2.1AA (UNIX-based (choose between SysV or BSD43 style))
    HP Netserver E50 - Login server
    This machine is the main internet gateway and routes all sessions
    Hostname:	server.cray-cyber.org (internal)
    login.cray-cyber.org (external)
    Operating system:	Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (Woody)
    Guest login data for the UNIX-based machines (also login.cray-cyber.org):
    ssh login.cray-cyber.org
    Username: guest
    Password: guest


    We desperately need some long (70 feet / 20 meters or longer) fibre-optic cables, MIC <-> Duplex-SC, Duplex-SC <-> Duplex-SC and MIC <-> MIC. If you have some, please contact us at mail@cray-cyber.org


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