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    There are a few ways to doing a manual discover

    Manual discover for the alcatel module[edit]

    1 import elements from the 5620 -> raw dciFile nhAnmGetCfg -dciOut outFile

    /opt/ehealth/bin/nhAnmGetCfg -dciOut /opt/ehealth/tmp/rawImportFile.TEMP

    2 Filter raw dciFile Via dciFilter -> filtered dciFile nhiDciFilter -dciIn inFile -dciOut outFile -dciRule ruleFile

    /opt/ehealth/bin/sys/nhiDciFilter -dciIn /opt/ehealth/tmp/rawImportFile.TEMP -dciOut /opt/ehealth/tmp/filteredImportFile.TEMP -dciRule /opt/ehealth/modules/alcatelNm/importFiles/importATMPortRules.dci

    3 Murge filtered dciFile -> new elements in database nhiDciMerge -i inFile

    /opt/ehealth/bin/sys/nhiDciMerge -i /opt/ehealth/tmp/filteredImportFile.TEMP

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