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    this is a nice basic script that uses oracle's sql to get the element names that have a matching IP address.

    # more getNamefromIP.pl
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    # simple script that outputs the names of elements that have an IPaddress given as and argument
    # added in a simple IP address test (NOTE this is not a full IPV4 test ie it will alow 333.x.x.x)
    # but we wont worry about that as its only querying a database and will just retuirn no values 
    # if not found. usage 'getNamefromIP.pl x.x.x.x'
    my $oraUser="user name here";
    my $oraPassword="password here";
    my $oraPath="path to sqlplus command here"; # eg "/oracle/bin"
    my $ipAddress=$ARGV[0] || die "Missing args  $!";      # get  ipAddress
    if ($ipAddress !~ /^(d{1,3}).(d{1,3}).(d{1,3}).(d{1,3})$/) {die "not a valid IPAddress";}
    my $elements = qx{$oraPath/sqlplus -S $oraUser/$oraPassword <<EOF
    set head off
    SELECT NAME from NH_ELEMENT where IP_ADDRESS='$ipAddress';
    EOF };
    foreach my $segment (split(/ /,$elements)) {
       next if /^$/;
       next if /rows selected\.$/;
       next if /no rows selected/;
       print "$segment\n";

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