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    Christianity is a social experiment started by unknown conspirators in the first few centuries of the Current Era. The experiment set up a monotheistic religion, claiming to be based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, a political radical, communist (read Acts of the Apostles in The Bible for verification), and general hippy in the Roman Empire several hundred years earlier. The purpose of the experiment is not generally understood, though many theories exist.

    The experiment continued over many centuries, into the modern day. By and large, modern day "Christians" are generally unaware of any of Jesus' actual teachings and focus instead on the supression of subversive ideas and open-minded personalities, much like that of Jesus himself. Today's Christian church is primarily focused on preventing homosexuals from reproducing (the church doesn't really understand that Gays can't reproduce on their own), passing laws to take away women's rights over their own bodies, and making guns available to any and all who want them. Most learned people agree that whatever the original purpose of the great social experiment, it is no longer remembered, even within the church.

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