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of course i am talking the kwick and dirty way

drivers can be found here [1]

found this on

Grant Taylor
Till Kamppeter
	Alejandro Lamas azeta at
Thu Nov 25 14:55:19 EST 2004

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In article <cnvt0p$590$1 at>, abu.paillard at 
(Abu Paillard) writes: 
> hello, 
> was anyone able to use a Canon i250 with Debian Linux?  
> I found these ominous linux drivers on Canon's european download page, but 
> didn't work. I had to generate .deb packages from the .rpm packages by using 
> alien, then I was able to install them, but my printer never reacts when I 
> to print.  
> The drivers are compiled for Red Hat Linux 9 and perhaps there are some 
> different path / file names in Debian.  
> Please drop me a line if you have a hint. 
Thanks for show me the drivers location. 
I've installed the bjfiltercups-2.3-0.i386.rpm and bjfilteri250-2.3-0.i386.rpm 
after generate the debs with alien like you. 
But after this, I had to install: 
because some libraries was missed (You can check it with ldd). 
Now the printer works fine in Debian sarge. :D 

i just can say the printer works, but not that fine ;) it has still some problems to fetch / guess the right color. i will put it in here, if i find a solution.

... after a few tries i found out, that it is not the driver that is messing around with the colors, it is my printer: after printing some pages it was allmost ok,... i think it spent too much time in the corner.