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    What Does "BUH" Mean?

    • The first thing you should know is the pronunciation of the aforementioned word. It is pronounced "BUH," like book, but without the k, and not like butt without the double t. The pronunciation is onomatopoeia for the sound of a fist hitting flesh. Try it out yourself! Punch yourself in the chest right now, and listen to the noise it makes! "BUH!" BUH is much more than onomatopoeia, however. "BUH" has come to stand for anything that is violently funny, or just cool in an unorthodox way.

    The Knighthood of BUH is a nationally recognized non profit humor-oriented organization that finds unique and exceptional people, and lets them do the crazy and unorthodox things that they would never get to do otherwise. We are a collection of individuals, we are a collection of chapters, and we are a collection of media production groups. We provide the opportunity for people to break social norms as well as lighten up a world that seems to have a habit of taking itself a little too seriously.

    The purpose of our activities is simply to amuse both the world and ourselves, as well as make people think outside of the box, or "la caja," by breaking social norms. We are often asked "What are you trying to say?" We are saying nothing. We are simply practicing comedy in its purest form. Unfortunately, in our commercial world, humor appears almost exclusively as sugar coating for the propaganda an interest group of some sort wants you to swallow. Although some people will always find "messages" in whatever we do, we will continue to avoid these misinterpretations.

    Check out the original 'Knight of Buh' without any conscious sensibility about it, Mr. Frood

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