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BnBt (a C++ torrent tracker)
(supported for linux and windows)

--> BitTorrent

Site: http://bnbt.go-dedicated.com/
Docs: http://bnbt.go-dedicated.com/doc/
BNBT User Mods: http://cbtt.depthstrike.com/
configs explanations: http://bnbteasytracker.sourceforge.net/bnbtkeys.html
Forums: http://bnbt.go-dedicated.com/phpBB2/

(not very user friendly) (but faster than the python tracker)

Access Levels:

1 = view access (basic)
2 = dl access (downloader)
4 = comments access (poster)
8 = upload access (uploader)
16 = edit access (moderator)
32 = admin access (admin)
64 = signup access

To come up with an access level, simply add up the values for the features you wish to offer. For example, if you want a user to be able to view the tracker, download files, and upload files, their access level would be:

1 + 2 + 8 = 11

You need to know how to set access levels because BNBT uses two config values to set the default access level for guests...

(see-> ../bnbt/users.txt)

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