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Black Flag was, for all intents and purposes, America's first hardcore band. They emerged from Southern California to gain international prominence, touring enough to become a major attraction in virtually every city where a scene existed and undoubtedly inspiring others to get in the game. Via the band's still-thriving SST label, Black Flag played an essential role in the development and popularization of American punk. Through countless revolving-door personnel changes; which spawned numerous spin-off bands along the way; Black Flag persevered until 1986, finally dissolving after locating and exploring the zone where punk and heavy metal intersect and overlap.



Nervous Breakdown EP (SST) 1978
Jealous Again EP (SST) 1980
Damaged (SST) 1981
Everything Went Black (SST) 1983 + 1984
The First Four Years (SST) 1984
My War (SST) 1984
Family Man (SST) 1984
Slip It In (SST) 1984
Live '84 (SST) 1984
Loose Nut (SST) 1985
The Process of Weeding Out EP (SST) 1985
In My Head (SST) 1985
Who's Got the 10 1/2? (SST) 1986
Wasted ... Again (SST) 1987
I Can See You EP (SST) 1989

"this is one of the best old school punk groups ever" (http://www.rollingstone.com/reviews/cd/review.asp?aid=45119&cf=321) who cares about what the Rolling Stone says, though *g*

Band Members[edit]

Greg Ginn - Keith Morris - Henry Rollins + others


This term is not just the band of Henry Rollins though, ...it's also a symbol for anarchists.

"Black Flag: For a social system based on mutual aid and voluntary co-operation - against state control and all forms of government and economic repression. To establish a share in the general prosperity for all - the breaking down of racial, religious, national and sex barriers - and to fight for the life of one world."

and also US-American Prisoners of War Orga's (POW/MIA) people use it:

and then there is also http://www.theblackflag.org/ , ("The Black Flag is a progressive, independent, alternative news venture based in Roswell, New Mexico) (Roswell, New Mexico (!sic)

ah yeah, sure its the classical pirate flag,as well

oh, connection to Israel: http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=190557