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    BitlBee is a neat daemon that allows you to use certain IM protocols (such as Jabber, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo) with your favourite IRC client by connecting to the BitlBee daemon and chatting with your IM buddies just like you do it everyday on IRC.

    Public BitlBee Server[edit]

    Just grab your favourite IRC client (e.g. irssi) and connect to BitlBee.glined.DE:6660 (zakx' server).

    You'll automaticly join #bitlbee.

    You may get some help by saying "help quickstart".

    After setting up your IM accounts, let BitlBee connect by saying "account on". :) Notice that voiceless users are away and BitlBee doesn't show offline users. BitlBee does support Jabber groupchats. You mark yourself as away by using /away just as on every real IRCd, and vice versa you're able to look at peoples away messages by /WHOISing them.

    some impressions[edit]

    223901 <@zakx> account on
    223902 <@root> Trying to get all accounts connected...
    223902 <@root> JABBER - Logging in: Connecting
    223902 <@root> JABBER - Logging in: Connected
    223902 <@root> JABBER - Logging in: Requesting Authentication Method
    223902 <@root> JABBER - Logging in: Authenticating
    223903 <@root> JABBER - Logged in
    223903 -!- schriftkind [*@jabber.ccc.de] has joined #bitlbee
    223903 -!- mode/#bitlbee [+v schriftkind] by root
    223903 -!- ingmar [*@jabber.ccc.de] has joined #bitlbee
    223903 -!- vloeck [*@jabber.ccc.de] has joined #bitlbee
    224027 <@zakx> angelos: hi!
    224042 -!- dominic [*@login.icq.com] has joined #bitlbee
    224045 -!- mode/#bitlbee [+v dominic] by root
    224049 < angelos> zakx: hi!
    224156 <@zakx> info angelos 
    224157 <@root> ICQ - User Info
    224157 <@root> UIN: * - Nick: angelos
    224157 <@root> Gender: Male
    224201 -!- dominic [*@login.icq.com] has quit [Leaving...]
    224222 -!- angelos [*@login.icq.com]
    224222 -!-  ircname  : angelos
    224222 -!-  server   : login.icq.com [OSCAR network]
    224222 -!-  away     : Invisible
    224222 -!- End of WHOIS
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