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Remotely Controlling Azureus (plugins)[edit]

  • A Windows Internet Explorer toolbar plugin - This plugin creates a Windows Internet Explorer toolbar that allows both the addition of torrents to a remote Azureus instance and control of the torrents. screenshot
  • BT IRC bot - You can remote control your Azureus from IRC.
  • Swing Web Interface - This plugin lets you control Azureus remotely via a browser.For security it is advised that you set a username and password. HTTPS (SSL) access can also be configured.
  • XML over HTTP - This plugin lets you control Azureus using an XML over HTTP remote interface.
  • PHP control layer - Interface for Azureus written in PHP. It's based on the Swing control layer and interfaces using XML over HTTP with Parg's XML control plugin for Azureus...
  • Remote HTML webui - A remote control interface in HTML and Javascript. Allows all Azureus usual commands:
    • Add local torrent / url
    • (Force)Start/Stop torrents
    • Set/Remove categories
    • Publish/Host on the Azureus tracker
    • Remove torrent, delete torrent...
    • Set speeds and number of connections

RSS Feed Scanners (automatic downloading)[edit]

please add feeds here

Azureus on Linux[edit]

Azureus in Debian[edit]

apt-get install azureus  (in unstable)

Related: Installing Sun's Java environment on Debian systems

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