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    Fast food counter to cubicle, factory line to welfare line, we've lost control of everything we've built over generations, and with it, we have lost control of our lives completely.

    We're all up on the auction block, on sale to the highest bidder.

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    There are those of us who build and create and design and grow, and those who wait until we are finished, then run off with the result. We live our whole lives taking care of them and they live their whole lives being served by us. There are those who work, and those who own.

    Autonome exists as a reminder to all working people: We are not alone. We are not powerless. We are not machines, or puppets, we are not easily discarded or forgotten. Some of us were slaves, some of us worked for wages, but none of us ever really had a choice. Through love, labor, determination, and friendship, we built this world from the ground up years ago, only to have it seized out from under us in recent times.

    And now, finally, we will ask for it back. And we won't take 'no' for an answer.


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    Reminder: This is only a website, not a revolution. What you see here is not an end unto itself, but the necessary beginning to a never ending story. Don't be content to just read the writings of others, go and live a life worth writing about.

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