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aka Nutra-Sweet[edit]

Time to get wise folks, as we know..not all of our food is safe to eat. The whole asparatame meme has been going on for more then 2 decades, just as Mercury Amalgams and water supply Fluoridation. What happends when a conspiracy theory becomes fact? If aspartame is not what we think it is, then the problem is long overdue. You can find it as an additive in over 6000 products and according to the source about to be cited, 1 in 15 people one this earth consumes aspartame daily.


"Mr Williams, the MP for Brecon and Radnorshire and a Cambridge science graduate, said he had been looking into the safety of aspartame for more than a year. At first he had been unconvinced by the "internet conspiracy theories" but he said what he had found had "truly horrified" him." -from the above link

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