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The Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) was founded in 1998 as a technological research and development organization dedicated to the cause of individual and collective self-determination. Our mission is to study the forces and structures which affect self-determination and to provide technologies which extend the autonomy of human activists.


  1. TXTmob is a free service that lets you quickly and easily broadcast txt messages to friends, comrades, and total strangers. The format is similar to an email b-board system. You can sign up to send and receive up-to-the-minute messages from groups of people organized around a range of different topics.
  2. iSee is a web-based application charting the locations of closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in urban environments. With iSee, users can find routes that avoid these cameras ("paths of least surveillance") allowing them to walk around their cities without fear of being "caught on tape" by unregulated security monitors.
    Video iSee - Now More Than Ever (Quicktime 14MB)
  3. Little Brother Pamphleteer, aka "Little Brother," is a propaganda robot which distributes subersive literature. Pamphleteer is designed to bypass the social conditioning that inhibits activists' ability to distribute propaganda by capitalizing on the aesthetics of cuteness. The robot's form references a tradition of robot aesthetics developed in science fiction and popular media.
    Video Little Brother Gets Busted "(infomative parody but no info on the project itself)
  4. GraffitiWriter is a tele-operated robot which employs a custom built array of spray cans to write linear text messages on the ground at a rate of 10 miles per hour. These messages are similar in form to dot matrix printer output, and are not intended to imitate human graffiti. Rather the Writer's aesthetics are purely mechanical, prompting the viewer to wonder "what kind of machine wrote this?"
    Video (Windows Media: 6.4MB | MPEG: 8.6MB)
  5. Street Writer/SWX This project expands on the research gained from the successful Robotic GraffitiWriter project. The system consists of a custom built, computer controlled industrial spray painting unit that is built into an extended body cargo van. The vehicle prints text messages onto the pavement in a manner much like a dot-matrix printer. The expanded width of StreetWriter allows for messages and simple graphics that are legible from tall buildings and low flying aircraft and is capable of rendering message that are several hundreds of feet in length.
    Video (Windows Media: 4MB | MPEG: 5.6MB)