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    This is for all you active or Ex- conspiracy theorists out there.

    Intro to the Appocalypse Bag:[edit]

    A bag that one can store in case of emergency with the essentials to continue to survive. The idea behind an appocalypse bag is kinda contradictory or oxymoronic. If appolcalypse is the end of all life as we know it then why do YOU think you can survive at all with a bag full of materials? Well if a post-appolcalytic world looked like the set of IMDB:Mad Max, hey you never know, it would be nice to have some supplies. Humans currently have this 'Titanic' point of view toward life on earth and in general. This non-sustainable model that is being used is slowly taxing and depleting everything around us. Some preparation for change wouldn't hurt.

    What it should be[edit]

    An Appo Bag is versatile. It has many staps to change the wieght bareing aspects on the body of the person using it. It can be used as a back-rest


    1. A large towel and a smaller hand towel (every hitchhiker of the galaxy should have a towel in their gear)
    2. First Aid Kit
    3. Power bars
    4. Water purifaction pump and chlorine tablets
    5. Small Firefly camping gas stove
    6. some fuel
    7. String for multi-use (for bowdrill, or for securing stuff with knots etc..)
    8. Small mirror and magnifying glass
    9. Swedish FireSteel (for making fire)
    10. Swedish meatballs (Swedish bacon, Swedish bacon Swedish bacon yab a dab a dab a dar)
    11. Toilet paper (for wiping ass) as crusty pants are no good (also leaves, baby wipes or a "super soaker" will do)
    12. Principia Discordia (for saving your soul and passing your time and for wiping ass (see 11))
    13. Weed, to illuminate the post-apocolyptic world and make sure the same shit doesn't happen again "next time around"
    14. A turntable so the new world doesn't have any damned digital music.
    15. A webserver-on-the-fly to host this wiki

    This page is still under construction.
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