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    Archive-name: lemur-faq/part4
    Alt-fan-lemurs-archive-name: lemur-faq/part4
    Last-modified: 2000/05/12
    Version: 4.0
       Official USENET Alt.Fan.Lemurs Frinkquently Asked Questions
                    Part 4 of 7  -- Lemurs Versus Cows
    This posting contains the ugly truth behind the Lemur-Cow feud.
                              The Questions
    (1) What's the story about these Lemurs I occasionally see flying
        past my window?
    (2) How come the Lemurs can get onto the cow starship when the
        cows themselves can't get back in?
    (3) What is the Terror Cow?
    (4) What is the Cowship Investigation Agency?
    (5) Is Allan Murphy actually a cow?
    (6) Has anyone besides Allan had these weird cow experiences?
    (7) What was the so-called "Last Report of Agent North By North-
    (8) Where can I get weapons to fend off the Cows?
    (9) Have Microsoft and IBM been infiltrated by the Cows?
    (10) Have the cows tried any clever new strategies?
    (11) Are the lemurs actually stringing the cows along, laughing
        from the shadows while the cows fumble about on their mad
        dreams of world domination?
    (12) What are all these cow-related things doing in a lemurs
                               The Answers
    (1) What's the story about these Lemurs I occasionally see flying past
    my window?
    When you see a Lemur fly past your window, odds are that it was
    one of the Lemurs trying out the new anti-grav packs they've
    "borrowed" from the cows' ship. [We refer here to the Cow Ship
    rumored to be hidden somewhere in the fields around Blacksburg,
    Virginia, the ship that the ancestors of all cows traveled to this
    planet in before losing the key and locking themselves out) The
    anti-grav packs used to be horseshoe-mounted, with four to a cow.
    But as individual units, they'll lift a Lemur quite nicely. Of
    course, they are programmed to accept verbal cow commands, so the
    Lemurs have to "Moo" to fly with them.
    Lemur hackers are at this very moment trying to reprogram the
    anti-grav packs to accept commands in Lemur-ese, a job complicated
    by the cows' practice of programming all their equipment with a
    powerful Multiple-Object-Oriented (MOO) language. The Lemur
    hackers are attempting to install a highly technical form of
    Lemur-ese: from what we hear, there are 3 separate words they're
    trying to install for one command:
         * the first, or "prefrink", command, is the action (what the
         Lemur wants to happen)
         * the second, or "cofrink", command, is the recipient of the
         action (e.g., if the prefrink is "attack" [in Lemur-ese, of
         course], the cofrink would be, for example, Daniel
         Pawtowski, to pick a name at random)
         * the third word, or "postfrink", is similar to what in
         English we call an adverb.  Example, "fly Tulsa _quickly_"
         (translated from Lemur-ese).  Or, "attack store _nuclear_."
    (2) How come the Lemurs can get onto the cow starship when the cows
    themselves can't get back in?
    Lemurs are much smaller and more agile than the cows, so they've
    managed to unbolt the grates over the intakes for the scramjets
    and gain access to the ship's interior via the engineering
    crawlways. They love to sit up on the bridge, staring through the
    windows at all the surrounding cows with their big eyes. This, of
    course, annoys the cows to no end. Luckily for them, though, the
    main systems cannot be activated by a Lemur, as they are keyed to
    the security codes imbedded into the forward hooves of the Command
    The worrying thing is this: what happens if the Lemurs find a way
    to hotwire the main weapons panels? Without access to the power
    systems the guns would only be at about one-tenth power but still,
    that could toast a major city before you could say "heat wave."
    The cows are just not up there when it comes to devious pranks
    such as the Lemurs are known to excel at. After all, our big-eyed
    Lemurs are primates. And primates, as we all know, are the natural
    leaders. Look who's wearing the pants around THIS planet anyway.
    Primates. Cows are more brute-force stand-around-and-be-bored-and-
    chew-your-cud kinda creatures. You'll never see anyone painting
    pictures of bucolic herds of Lemurs chewing cud against a
    hill-side and sunset backdrop.
    (3) What is the Terror Cow?
    Well, basically, the theory goes that there's ONE cow that
    somehow has access to the high-tech arsenal aboard the cow ship.
    Perhaps this cow does not actually have access to the ship
    itself, but rather to a secret store of weapons taken off the
    ship before the keys were lost. In any case, the Terror Cow is
    both heavily armed and bad-tempered.
    The lemurs have still not figured out how the Terror Cow manages
    to keep its supply of rocket-launched grenades and other weapons
    of mass destruction up. Just when you think "The Terror Cow MUST
    be out of anti-tank missiles," there comes that knock on your
    front door and that low, eerie-sounding mooing.
    Ron Jarrell, who is probably reading this, once wrote an abso-
    lutely hysterical post on the subject of the Terror Cow. Had
    very little to do with lemurs, but let's treat it as a sort of
    tangent. Anyway, it went something like this:
    "I was sitting at home one night when I heard someone knocking at
    my front door. I was upstairs so I looked out the window to see
    who it was. Looking down, I saw what appeared to be a large
    bovine creature standing on its hind legs, ringing the doorbell.
    Sitting out on the street was a large tanklike vehicle with guns
    all over it."
    "I called down, 'Who is it?'"
    "Moooove your car, it's blocking the road."
    "I don't HAVE a car."
    "Mooooove your furniture."
    "I didn't hire any movers, I'm not moving."
    "Terror Cow."
    "Why didn't you say so in the first place?"
    The Terror Cow has been sighted many times over the years, always
    mooving ominously about in a large armored vehicle armed with
    weapons of mass destruction. A very cheesed off bovine, as far
    as anyone can tell.
    Mike Knell (eeyi...@unicorn.nott.ac.uk) reports:
    "I went out for a few beers last night, and when I got back in found
    that the steak I'd nailed to my door as protection against the ven-
    geance of the Terrow Cow (I'm on the hit list after the episode with the
    three Lemurs, the crisps and some coffee) had been incinerated - it had
    obviously grown very hot at some point. When I got in to my room (the
    lock had been smashed with a blunt hoof-like object), I found that a big
    pile of grass had been left there, and my teddy bear had been shot
    through the head. The note left on my VDU read 'Next time, it's
    youuuuu...'. Strangely enough, all my milk had been thrown out of the
    window as well."
    (4) What is the Cowship Investigation Agency?
    The Cowship Investigation Agency, or CIA, is headed by Allan
    Murphy. Allan seems obsessed with uncovering the secrets of the Cow
    Ship, at present known only by the lemurs who are small enough to fit
    into the scramjet intakes and thereby gain access to the interior of the
    ship. Allan has prepared a "Cowship Investigation Questionnaire",
    included immediately below, which he would appreciate your completing
    and returning to him if you know anything about the cow ship, the
    Terror Cow, or the cow weapons used by the lemurs.
    --- Begin Questionnaire
    1) Are you now, or have you ever been in the employ of cows ?
    2) Come on now, you don't expect me to believe that. Tell the
       truth. It'll be easier that way.
    3) Where is the cow starship ?
    6) What width is a scramjet intake ?
    7) And just exactly how do you know this ?
    8) Are you close friends with any of the following:
        A) A lemur
        B) A tarsier
        C) A koala
        D) A flying phalanger
        E) Any form of sloth
        F) Joel Furr
        G) Gary Larson
        H) A command cow
        I) Other cow- or lemur-related being.
    9) Which of the above do you think would fit up a scramjet
       intake best ?
    10) Have you ever heard a cow talk, or seen one act in an unusual
       way ? ( eg, fly through the air, pass by in spacecraft, stand
       up and say "I am a command cow, bow down before me, earth-
       ling" )
    11) Have you ever seen bright moving lights in the sky, accompa-
       nied by a low "moo" sound ?
    12) Which of the following would persuade you to reveal all about
       the cows plans first ?
         A) A pack of angry tarsiers
         B) A hotwired Mooser up the left nostril
         C) An agent of the Cowship Investigation Agency questioning
            you in a whining voice
         D) Torture -
            D1) Chinese Water torture   ( drip..drip...drip....)
            D2) Chinese Lemur torture   ( frink...frink...frink..)
            D3) Japanese Fish torture   ( sushi'd to death )
            D4) Japanese Geisha torture ( sashay'd to death )
         E) 1 litre of Big K Grape Soda
         F) A night watching videos with hyenas, beer'n'Cheetos
         G) Other-please specify
    13) Do you own any suspiciously hi-tech devices ?
    14) Do you have an irrational aversion to beef or milk ?
    15) Which do you eat on Sundays ?
       A) Mom's apple pie
       B) As many twinkies as you can find, with Big K Grape soda
       C) grass - nice fresh green grass, and plenty of it
       D) Bamboo
       E) Eucalyptus leaves
       F) Other-please specify
    16) In your own words, describe a Terror Cow.
    |                      | Subject marked for: Termination               |
    | For Office Use Only  |                     Surveillance              |
    |                      |                     Mauling by tarsier pack   |
    |                      |                     Big K Grape Soda delivery |
    |                      |                     .signature flaming        |
    --- End Questionnaire ---------8<------------------------------------
    (5) Is Allan Murphy actually a cow?
    Allan says "no." Well, actually, he goes into more detail:
    >I would just like to take this opportunity to point out that, in fact,
    >I am NOT a cow!
    >I am NOT a cow!
    >I am NOT a cow!
    >I am NOT a cow!
    >I've even got the documentation to prove it, look, Cowship Investi-
    >gation Agency ID card, driving license, bovine spongiform encephalitis
    >immunization certificate...
    (6) Has anyone besides Allan had these weird cow experiences?
    Several readers have: Josh Brandt, Susanna Richardson, Paul Williams, Jon
    Ward, and Ben Hardy:
    Joshua Brandt (m...@wpi.wpi.edu) wrote:
    >I was once chased by a group of cows, and was forced to take refuge on
    >the roof of a 1940's flatbed truck. They surrounded me, while I
    >cowered on the roof, but began to act nervous and finally ran away,
    >leaving me in peace. I remember, as I climbed from the truck, a
    >strange low "cheep" sound coming from the treetops...
    Joshua also makes predictions of what an attack by the Terror Cow would
    be like:
    >Late at night, there will be a low knocking at your door. Thinking
    >it's finally the Twinkie'n'Grape Soda delivery person, you will stride
    >happily to answer it. However, once the door is opened, your doom will
    >be sealed, and you will find yourself face-to-face with a hulking,
    >shadowy figure, glistening with the blood of horribly crush Lemurs and
    >their kind. It will wave aside its cloak, and raise up the anti-tank
    >missile launcher it carries in its left hoof. With slow deliberation,
    >knowing you are frozen with icy terror, it will take aim and slowly,
    >oh so slowly, depress the trigger on its weapon of terror.
    Susanna Richardson (g...@silver.ucs.indiana.edu) had a sighting that
    may or may not be cowship-related:
    >Well, I grew up in Wisconsin, so that's a pretty broad range to cover
    >with a simple answer. Seeing a cow on top of a granite boulder over
    >twenty feet high is almost a religious experience. Seeing the other
    >cows worshipping her is also awe-inspiring. She looked much like any
    >of the other Guernseys, so I couldn't tell if she was a command cow
    >or not.
    Paul Williams (p...@okra.css.oz.au), replying to an ad for a restaurant
    called the "Flying Lemur," wrote:
    > What I am wondering is, has anyone
    >actually ever witness a flying lemur or is this just a thing
    >of fantasy and legend.
    Not fantasy or legend. The cowship is a reality (witness the US and
    other countries' efforts to find its location). The anti-gravity flying
    platforms are a reality (there is much anecdotal evidence). The lemurs
    have broken into the cowship and are wreaking havoc on civilisation in
    ways fearsome and mischeivous (trust me on this). Luckily they are only
    interested in the food thing else you'd find them wispering in the ears
    of higher political powers for nefarious and diabolic purposes.
    Remember: the little beasties are *inside* the net already and the
    greatest secret about them is afsdklhjKLHJASDKLBNMBNm has
    XXLASKJOlsdjaiawej lassie X ka KLJAS masdk m,sfdgkjLASDF mgfls
    mFJSDKJkjfgsd   fgsdkljfsdlsdjsjjllotkjk the ability under certain
    circumstances to *comletely* A sdfkhjafnASD(*&^& asd asdhafsd
    anhfgdkldfgusdfghjsfdgkhjsfgdkhjfgsdkhj frink frink frink a drink
    of juice ASFASD hjaskjfaouasdfklhafsdkljasdafsdhjafsdkljafsdkljafsd
    sad asdjasifiakdfj0.
    Also, the cows are trying to have an end to the lemurs secret lobbying
    capability; to no avail. With the loss of the command ship access and
    the resulting disorganisation in the herd, cows find it hard to even
    discuss the problem amongst themselves, let alone find a solution.]
    So, congratulations on a good choice of name. What sort of food (books)
    will you be serving? Would you like to give yourself a free plug? How
    about discounts for weary and hungry a.f.l. travellers? Do you serve
    >The Flying Lemur
    >Lakewood, Oh
    Oh what? Did the Command Cow get you just as you were ending your
    article? They can track the emissions from your keyboard using special
    sensors in the forward hoof, and are well aware when anyone is talking
    about their mortal enemy: lemurs. I'm not worried. I live in a bunker,
    100 m underground. :-)
    Jon Ward (eee90...@ibm3090.bham.ac.uk) wrote:
    I have not been able to post for the last week as the UseNet reader
    would not allow me to. I put this down to a temporary error until I
    noticed that the academic computing services here have stopped having
    milk delivered.
    My suspicions aroused, I started scouting of the surrounding area.
    Sure enough, in the field behind the computing centre, there stood a
    cow, surrounded by three other cows looking at it. It turned and
    looked in my direction...I ran away, but it saw me.
    Coming home last night, I found tank-track marks outside. The garden
    had cloven hoof prints in the grass. I was under surveillance. My
    lemur-like featues had been noted. (Hairy body, blue eyes, facial
    hair, short, 13 years of National Geographics, A network addiction,
    and a real Burl Ives record).
    Then tonight, as drove home, I saw the Terror Cow. It stood outside
    my house, her tank nonchalenty parked on top of two minis and a
    capri. Standing on her hind legs, she towered 10 feet into the air.
    Her bulky flak jacket covered with pockets, each bulging with gre-
    nades and mines. Both front hooves had multi-barrel missile launchers
    the size of snare drums, while her chest was crossed with bandoliers.
    This was not a cow to call Daisy and put a straw hat on.
    And so I know I have been targeted for termination. I don't know how
    long I can stay on the run. I need anti-bovine weapons fast, or I
    will be found Moodered in a ditch somewhere in Selly Oak. I am Jon
    Ward in Birmingham, England. Email : eee90...@ibm3090.bham.ac.uk. My
    address is 38 Add724ld AdiR^Rghj**
    NO CARRIER.....
    Ben Hardy <R...@music.macarthur.uws.EDU.AU> wrote:
    We now have reason to beleive the Terror Cow is resorting to
    mind-control tactics. At work the other day I noticed several
    workmates placidly standing in the hallway, quietly. For some reason,
    their stomachs were growling rather loudly, and they were chewing
    gum. Their pupils were dialated as well. At the time I passed it off
    as an office joke, and didn't associate it with cows at all. Admit-
    tedly it's not everyday you see seemingly normal people lurking in
    corridors indulging in bovine behavior, but it wasn't particularly
    disturbing until one of them began to emit an eerie mooing sound
    after I returned to my office.
    Fortunately, a few minutes later it was 5 pm, time to leave. The
    instinct to get out of the office overrode the Terror Cow's wiles,
    and the last I saw of these people was them grazing on some trees
    near the railway station... go figure!
    (7) What was the so-called "Last Report of Agent North By Northwest?"
    - Hide quoted text -
    - Show quoted text -
    >From: North by Northwest
    >Subject: Cow Offensive Warning!
    >Date: 7 Apr 1993 18:35:12 GMT
    >Summary: Cow invasion fleet spotted!
    >Keywords: Cow Ship Key Mooser HELP!
    >Yesterday, I tried to transmit a report, using a couple of anonymous
    >remailers to thwart their intercept operators. That attempt seems to
    >have failed. Their Universal Decrypted Data Electronic Receivers are
    >obviously much more capable than we suspected.
    >However, I seem to have eluded them for the moment. I'm using a
    >different technique -- maybe I can get thru. Who could have suspected
    >that cows were computer-literate?
    >I got out of the lab just in time. This thing that they're after --
    >what is it? It doesn't seem to have any controls -- nothing moves on
    >it, and it seems to be all one piece. It looks almost like a giant key
    >... but what could it fit?
    >I desperately need to contact the Prompt Response Organization for the
    >Suppression of the Invasion Mooovement. I have just realized why this
    >object was delivered to the Image Processing Labs at JPL. Not only
    >have we photographed one of the cows' landing craft -- WE CAN SEE THEIR
    >The so-called Comet 1993e "Shoemaker-Levy" is a very peculiar set of
    >objects in orbit around Jupiter. We can distinguish as many as 17
    >separate "nuclei" in a precise bar-like formation. I have photographs
    >of this "comet" in electronic form (GIF, JPEG) that I will try to get
    >to the proper authorities.
    >Almost simulaneously, another Kuiper-belt "asteroid" (similar to
    >1992QB1) has been located. Is this the mother ship, lurking far beyond
    >Saturn? Most horrifying of all, we have spotted a supernova! Was
    >Supernova 1993J in M81 a civilization that failed to resist the Combat
    >Offensive Weapons of this invasion fleet? Is it our turn next?
    >If there is anyone in the Pasadena area who cavD5*{|
    (8) Where can I get weapons to fend off the Cows?
    Leigh Porter ( l...@frink.demon.co.uk) writes:
    - Hide quoted text -
    - Show quoted text -
    >Hello all!!
    >We (not a royal 'we' 'cus there really is two of us here) are proud to
    >offer the UK's Lemur community a superb range of Lemur goods, direct and
    >at half price from our Lemur house in the Twinkie Zone -
    >Cow fallout shelter:-
    >     This BEEF lined shelter, designed to be used underground will
    >     defend any Lemur from over 5000 pats of cow activity, if you are
    >     in danger from the Terror Cow, then this is for you.
    >     Only $5,672,800,000,000
    >- Rump steak proton guns:-
    >     This new weapon will ward away any bovine creature to a safe
    >     distance,  using the best Rump steak batteries, this weapon will
    >     fire a continuous stream of high energy RUMP protons, harmless to
    >     Lemurs but DEADLY to cows at the target.
    >     Only $7,811,083,784
    >CowView cow surveillance device:-
    >     This small unit, capable of being hidden almost anywhere will
    >     monitor all bovine activities and will send them to a suitable
    >     receiver at up to 100 Kilometers away.
    >     Only $102,984
    >Suitable Receiver:-
    >     Suitable receiver for the above item.
    >     Only $12
    >You may ask how we manage these WONDERFUL prices, just don't ask!
    The prices sound a little steep to me, so perhaps you can bargain Leigh
    down. Offer him (and his "partners in business") some Twinkies.
    (9) Have Microsoft and IBM been infiltrated by the Cows?
    Vance Kochenderfer (vkoch...@nyx.cs.du.edu) reports:
    I have discovered an infiltration of truly massive proportions! Look at
    the name of the command interpreter for the IBM PC. COMMAND.COM. Flip
    the M upside down, and what do you get? COMMAND.COW! All postings from
    Microsoft and IBM should be suspect from now on...
    (10) Have the cows tried any clever new strategies?
    Brian Antoine (bri...@tau-ceti.isc-br.com) writes:
    I started reading this group just after its newgroup message came
    through a few months back. Within a short time afterwards, I
    discovered that my house had become part of the weekly circuit for
    the local lemur population. Ever wonder who reads the arbitron
    stats? Now, every Thursday night is poker night. A night where I
    get to supply the twinkies (used for betting) and all the Big K
    they can drink. Funny, I never seem to win any of these games,
    and the rules seem to change from night to night...
    Anyway, I had just gotten back from the store where I loaded up
    for tonights game and was searching for some stuff in the back
    room, when I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. When I went
    to check it out, I found a single lemur making a mess of my
    refrigerator. Now making a mess wasn't anything I hadn't seen
    before. You ought to try cleaning Big K off of the ceiling after
    the bottle has been shaken and the top removed.
    This lemur put them all to shame. When I yelled at it to watch
    where it was throwing the coldcuts, it poked it head over the door
    and snarled at me wanting to know 'Where the hell is the beer?'.
    The more I saw, the more I figured something was wrong. The lemur
    staring at me had a cigar stuck in its mouth and the eyes looked a
    little funny. They were different sizes and two different colors
    to boot. Whats more, as it moved I kept hearing a noises like
    gears grinding. When I wouldn't tell it where the beer was, it
    returned to destroying my fridge. Enough was enough and I leaped
    to try to grab it.
    Now anyone can tell you that trying to grab a lemur is a hopeless
    cause. If you've ever tried to get them down from where they are
    hanging on the lights, you know what I mean. This one was easy to
    catch and I it began to thrash around on the floor trying to get
    away, it started to leak something all over my floor. When if
    finally quit moving, my kitchen looked like someone had stuck a
    firecracker in a gallon jug of milk. Thats when I the small cable
    that ran from its back, across my floor, and out the window. When
    I ran to the window it was just in time to see the back door of a
    U-haul van slam shut, severing the cable that ran across the lawn
    and into the back end. The funny thing was, that as it drove off
    and hit one of the speed bumps outside of my apartment, the panel
    on the side came loose. I didn't get a good look, but I swear I
    saw part of the logo for the local dairy.
    Anyway, the whole mess is sitting in a bag and I'm going to turn
    it over to the normal crew when they show up for tonights game.
    This sure stinks of a new subversive attack by the cows. I wish
    they would pick someplace else for their marketing tests. We're
    still trying to round up all of the kids with extra arms growing
    out of their backs from the last marketing test Burger King tried
    on us.
    (11) Are the lemurs actually stringing the cows along, laughing from the
    shadows while the cows fumble about on their mad dreams of world
    You betcha. The lemurs know what's going on and they're on top of
    things. Rest easy.
    (12) What are all these cow-related things doing in a lemurs newsgroup?
    Ask Tim Pierce of alt.config fame, who flamed the idea of an
    alt.fan.cows into ash a few months ago. No, anyway, it has to do
    with the origins of lemur fandom at Virginia Tech. Cow fandom
    was going strong at the same time and necessarily, the two
    strains got mixed somewhat prior to the emergence of lemur fandom
    on the national scene. Allan Murphy seems obsessed by the cows
    enough that one day we may newgroup alt.fan.lemurs.cowship and
    turn him loose there just to see what happens.
    The FAQ continues with Part 5 of 7, "Lemurs and the USENET Oracle"
       Revised April 5, 1993 by Joel Furr, j...@polaris.async.vt.edu
        Revised July 6, 1993 by Joel Furr, j...@polaris.async.vt.edu
          Revised August 2, 1994 by Joel Furr, j...@acpub.duke.edu
       Republished May 11, 2000 by Joel K. 'Jay' Furr, j...@furrs.org
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